Run, Cook, Eat!

April 24, 2010, 11:05 pm
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Work brought me down to Carmel this weekend (YAY) so I took the opportunity to do my nice short taper-time weekend run along the coast. Gorgeous runs by the ocean are the most awe-inspiring reminder of how lucky (and happy!) I am to be living in California.

Since it’s taper, I figured I’d just stop whenever I wanted and take a whole bunch of pictures. So here you are! I started in downtown Carmel, ran down the hill to the beach, and took Scenic Drive south until it dropped me away from the coast somewhere more residential and with heavier vehicle traffic. Then I turned around. The run ended up being just under 6 miles.

I loved how friendly everyone out that morning was to each other! No one talks or does more than wave/smile/nod when I run in San Francisco, but here everyone I passed said hello. One guy with a Shiba Inu puppy even chatted with me about my gait for a few minutes.

It was a bit chilly and foggy when I began at 8:
2010-04-24 08.28.00

More foggy AM coast:
2010-04-24 08.31.38

Requisite self-portrait:
2010-04-24 09.01.16

The houses along the coast are HUGE and incredible:
2010-04-24 09.05.42

And quirky:

Although people in glass houses…umm…
glass houses.

I spotted these people on my way back. You can only see a few of them, but their group had a half dozen golden retrievers:
2010-04-24 09.04.11

The sun started coming out a bit towards the end:
2010-04-24 09.00.12

Good luck to everyone running Big Sur International Marathon on Sunday!