Run, Cook, Eat!

Fleet Feet Fun

Last night I went to Fleet Feet (per my doctor’s advice) to see if inserts would help my foot pain. It’s about time for me to start with a new pair of shoes if I want to use them for the marathon, so I told the (extremely helpful and knowledgeable) guy at Fleet Feet all of this, and he brought out lots of things to try on.

I’d been using Asics Gel Kayano 16s (stability) for the last few months, which were just fine up until last week. But this time what felt best (with my slightly hurting foot) was, of all things, a pair of Adidas!

I left the store with a pair of Adidas adiStar Solutions (neutral) and some Superfeet inserts. My pathetic attempt to describe what the Fleet Feet guy said about these shoes – they’ve got a thicker/less flexible sole along with a decoupled heel, and that combined with the inserts will cause less unnecessary pressure on my big toe and first metatarsal, where the pain had been. He also commented that Adidas running shoes are really hit or miss between years, but that this year’s have been fantastic.

(Irony: Runner’s World recommends these shoes “for Clydesdales and Athenas”!)

So far I’m enjoying the amount of space near the toes, but I haven’t taken them out for a spin, so no review quite yet. They’re getting a test run at the track this evening.


New shoesies.

I’m working on a food post or two, but for now, it’s just a weekly run report for you all…

It’s clearly been time for new running shoes for about a week, and putting that purchase that off until my paycheck came certainly impacted my knees. I didn’t have anything out of the ordinary scheduled in terms of distance, but new parts of my knees began aching, leaving me a sad hurt-y runner. Shoes are generally supposed to last 300-500 miles per pair, but I find that usually I can feel 300 miles approaching and I can’t wait much longer that that, or I risk injury or soreness.

Intervals at the track on Tuesday were a mixed bag. It was slightly humid, which slowed me down so I was having a hard time meeting my goal pace. But on the plus side, it was warm enough that the large training group of attractive men all took off their shirts during their workout. Not bad!! Eye candy makes the time pass more quickly. Skinny muscle-y runner boys with nice backs are very nice…

Friday I had a 6 mile tempo run. I was feeling really great, and once again settled into a 9:22 min per mile pace, which was faster than called for. (I LOVE this “chilly” San Francisco weather. It makes me fast!) It felt great while running, but as soon as I stopped I could feel the hurt within my left knee and below the kneecap. Normally it’s my I.T. band on my right leg that bothers me, not this, so I’m choosing to attribute this to my worn-out shoes. Ow ow ow.

After that, a trip to Fleet Feet for some new shoesies was definitely in order. I had been running with Asics Gel Foundation 8s and inserts for the last year or so, but the gentleman at Fleet Feet suggested Asics Kayano 16, which were a bit less on the control side of the spectrum. He said this choice would help with the I.T. band pain, since the control may have been overkill and CAUSING the I.T. band pain. These Asics Kayano 16 - New shoesies!were a step up in price from my previous shoes ($140 vs $90), but my knee health is worth spending some extra cash to preserve. The shoes feel good, and the design is fairly striking (for asics at least) – the laces curl around towards the instep to match the natural shape of your foot.

The shoes received their debut on my Sunday 10-miler. The shoes were nice and comfy and a pleasure to run in, but sadly the weather was rainy and disgusting. W joined me for 5 miles since she had a shorter run scheduled this weekend, but I kept plodding along in the rain to get up to the 10 I needed. The previous night for me involved work + reception + wine + far too little sleep, so I was really feeling icky, tired, and dehydrated the entire time. A good This American Life episode got me through. Long run, check. I’m looking forward to my knees returning to normal after a day or two off.