Run, Cook, Eat!

NYC / Busy

Alas it’s been far too long since I blogged. I see my Kaiser Half Marathon race report staring at me in my drafts folder, mad that it has been ignored for the last month and a half. Some time in NYC and work chaos back in SF have prevented me from blogging and cooking, but thankfully it hasn’t prevented me from running.

I was worried that NYC would cause me to “fall off the wagon” in terms of my running schedule, but I made it through OK. The first few days of my trip had good weather, so I did the Central Park big loop each day. The last day before the rain began was wonderfully cold – 45 degrees, just perfect – and I finally began to get over my aversion to hills through the combination of the nice-ish rolling hills in the park and the weather finally combined to give me an enjoyable run that happened to include hills. Yay!

Then it proceeded toward monsoon-like weather for the rest of my stay, but I got in some treadmill time at the hotel. I don’t mind the treadmill part, but I do mind that my paces don’t feel right on the treadmill compared to my GPS-calibrated Nike+. Plus it’s always way too warm in gyms. But I got the miles in and that’s all that counted.

The day I got back to San Francisco I did my first-ever 18 miler. It was too warm in SF that day (high of 70!) so I was apprehensive about finishing, but I made it through. I hydrated well and Gu-ed every 4 miles, and I ended feeling mostly not horrible. I ceased to function for the rest of the day, and my legs, shoulders, and abs have been aching ever since, but I made it through and (shockingly) kept it at 9:56 per mile, which was a good 35 seconds faster than my goal pace for the long run. I guess I essentially ‘raced’ my long run, so I’m going to have to hold back more for the next few long runs to prevent the soreness.

On schedule for this weekend: a semi-fast 10 miles at 10:15 per mile on Saturday morning, followed by an ill-timed 12k on Sunday morning. The Emerald Across the Bay 12k had been on my calendar since the start of the year, but I just don’t have the time/energy to give it my best this Sunday. It’s a good excuse for my make-up tempo run for this week, and the going-over-Golden-Gate-Bridge part will be good practice for the San Francisco Half Marathon later this year.

I’ll definitely be running this one rather than RACING it. But seeing as my only other 12k races were Bay to Breakers during excessive heat, this should be an easy chance to score a PR, however unimpressive!

The countdown to the Eugene Marathon continues, and the runs keep getting checked off on my little training plan! Only 42 more days until my first marathon!


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