Run, Cook, Eat!

Rain rain, go away…

There’s been a whole lot of NOTHING to report lately. It’s been raining in San Francisco for like, 15 days straight or something. This has limited my running somewhat, but I’ve still managed to get in every scheduled run. I don’t mind running in San Francisco rain (read: fog, mist), but it’s just been a huge downpour every day. My evening run tonight was intended to be a gym/treadmill visit, but they were all occupied so I gave up and went to the track in the rain.

I’ve had a few good runs lately. I did an 8 mile tempo run this week (in the drizzle) at 9:30 per mile, and I managed to keep up the pace and still end feeling good! This has me optimistic about my speed improvement. My intervals tonight were good too – instead of the 1 mile and 1ks that have been on schedule lately, I was greeted by 5 x (2 min fast, 2 min easy) plus warm-up/cool-down. How awesome is that? I love 400s (approx. my 2 min distance) so much more than longer intervals.

Lately I’ve noticed it’s taking longer and longer for my body to “kick in” on long runs. During training last year, I’d usually get 3-4 miles into a long run before I’d start to feel good. The last 3 runs or so I’ve gotten all the way to 6 miles before my body finally says “OK, this feels good, no need to quit anytime soon.” This could be my body adapting to marathon training? Or maybe just ill-timed breakfast and hydration on Sunday mornings? We’ll see how this changes in the next 3 months.

On tap this Sunday: the Kaiser Permanente Half Marathon in San Francisco. The course is really nice – Golden Gate Park, the Panhandle, and Great Highway – plus it’s my running partner’s VERY FIRST RACE! I have no doubt she’ll cross the finish line. I plan on sticking with her the whole race, so I’m especially curious to see what our time ends up being. We’ve been training at around 10:30 per mile for long runs, and I have NO IDEA how fast she’ll be able to run on race day. I suspect secretly that she’s faster than me. My PR (2:11:45) was at a 10:04 pace, so it’s not outside the realm of possibility that we could be speedy and come close or surpass that that! Regardless, our only goal is to finish and kick some ass.


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