Run, Cook, Eat!

Barefoot and COLD.
January 10, 2010, 8:17 pm
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The last two runs of this week both were really satisfying. My schedule got messed up so I did my tempo run on Friday and my long run on Saturday. It was bad planning on my end, and I suffered for it a bit on Saturday, but it turned out OK.

Tempo run: I had one mile easy, 4 tempo miles, followed by one more easy mile on the schedule. JY joined me after work, and we jogged to the track together. Friday and Sunday nights seem to be the quietest at the track – no training groups – and we were two of maybe 6 other people there total. My 4 tempo miles were supposed to be 9:35-9:50 per mile, but I felt really great and I settled into a consistent 9:22 per mile for all 4 miles. I’m chalking it up to wonderfully cool weather, and using the first lane since the track was practically empty.

JY mentioned she’s curious about barefoot running, so we decided to take a brief barefoot jog on the grass football field in the center of the track. Fun but COLD! It was dewy, so by the time we made it to the opposite end of the field, my feet felt numb, like I’d been wading in the ocean. We hurried back to the other end of the field, dried off, and jogged the last mile back to the office. It was a fun experiment, but I’ll save it for a sunny Saturday afternoon next time.

Long run: 11 miles. W and I met up downtown, ran to the Ferry Building, down to the ballpark, back up to Fisherman’s Wharf, over the hill at Ft. Mason to Crissy Field and Golden Gate Bridge, looping back to end near Divisadero. My knees were complaining for the first few miles, but it got notably better after mile 4 or so. My marathon training plan called for 10:50 per mile, but we did more like 10:32 per mile, in anticipation of the half marathon in a few weeks.

Yoga: I made it to class on Wednesday this week as well. Nothing too exciting to report – all except two of us were new students, so we had a nice simple well-explained class. We only had to do downward facing dog for 2 minutes instead of the standard 5 minutes, which was oh-so-excellent.

Food: I’m still making homemade bread rather obsessively. This week included peasant bread (a bit of wheat and rye flour) and light wheat (light on the wheat flour rather than light on the calories.) I have lots of dough in the fridge, so J and I are going to try to use it to make naan with dinner tonight. I’m looking forward to this week’s CSA box, so I can try David Lebovitz’s potato leek soup recipe, to be paired with warm crusty bread.


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