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Yoga & A Mess of Intervals
January 6, 2010, 7:40 pm
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Positives about this week:

1) I hung from ropes upside-down in yoga without vomiting.

2) I will be able to fit in all my workouts with no problems since J is busy with a conference.


1) I made a mess of my intervals yesterday and my legs are KILLING me.

So, I made it to my first yoga class of 2010, and it was a really great class! I left feeling better than ever. I started Iyengar yoga last year and it uses lots of props to modify poses and to help people of varying abilities get at different muscles.

We started out class by doing standing poses modified with a folding chair to lean on. By doing this, and following it with the corresponding pose minus chair, I was finally able to feel poses stretching my I.T. Band. For the FIRST TIME EVER.

I’ve asked a few yoga-knowledgeable people how to stretch the IT band, to no avail. This is the only time I’ve been able to feel it during poses, and it’s awesome. The trick, it turns out, was to start with my front knee slightly bent. Then I could feel the groin/hip muscles activating the way they’re actually supposed to during normal standing poses. Then you straighten your front leg while still maintaining the same muscle activation you just found. I really was able to feel my IT band stretch, and key in to that. This makes me enormously happy, since I’d had bouts of IT band related knee pain during the summer and fall last year.

The other yoga high point? I did what this person’s doing:

So this is a rope sirsasana. (I think in my class’ version, the feet are on the other side of the ropes and up against the wall. I dunno. I’ve only done it 3 times.) I had a substitute instructor make us (the beginner class!) do this a few months ago, and it was miserable. I felt really queasy, and the pressure in my right ear felt wrong, so I freaked out. The worst part of this pose is that it requires some arm and core strength to get in and out of it – arm and core strength I do not have. Our ropes are up against the wall, and I need an instructor to help me climb up the wall and onto the rope, then flip back down. So anyway, I was freaking out, and the substitute instructor COULD NOT COME QUICKLY ENOUGH to get me down from this hell. I left class feeling really angry and upset, which was totally new for me in regards to yoga. I didn’t come back for a month until my normal teacher returned.

Anyway, a month ago my regular instructor asked us to try it, and he took care of me. He let me out quickly, and it wasn’t too bad. Nervewracking, but not bad.

Last night we did the pose again, it was actually GOOD for the first time. My final problem with the pose – my legs throbbing from the ropes – was remedied when the teacher came over and tucked a blanket between my thighs and the ropes. Now the pose even feels GOOD! Yay!

In contrast to my yoga class, my run last night sucked. I’d planned to run after work with my co-worker, both heading to the track together where then I’d do intervals. But morning = fail, and I forgot my iPod, sensor, and armband, which left me with no way to do my intervals. So we jogged 3 miles to my house, which I counted as my warm-up. Then I went back to the track via the bus, in order to do 12 x 400m intervals, 90 sec RI. I thought the 3 mile warmup would be fine, since the training plan says 1-2 mi for warmup. But no. Three miles was way too much. By the time I got through 3 intervals, I knew I wouldn’t make it through the whole thing.  I ended up calling it quits after 10 x 400m, which I feel sort of bad about. Oh well! On to a better tempo run later this week…


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