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First Run of 2010!
January 3, 2010, 10:00 am
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This Saturday morning I did my first run of 2010! This ties in directly with my main running resolution for 2010: to complete my first marathon. Gulp. That’s big, and I’m a bit scared.

As of December 31, I’ve decided to say it aloud: I’m aiming to do the Eugene Marathon on May 2, 2010.

My newish running partner W and I are both doing the Kaiser San Francisco Half Marathon on February 7, so I’d been following the Furman Institute half marathon training plan for the last month or two. I’m a big fan of their philosophy, since running 3x a week keeps it fun and allows recovery time, rather than making running something that gets in the way of other parts of my life. Plus, the speedwork and tempo runs they include have been a wonder at improving my pace. Since I was a few weeks into the Furman plan for the half marathon, I decided to skip the first few weeks of their full marathon training plan for beginners and start at the first 10 mile long run.

It was nice and cloudy and chilly out, so W and I had a nice run through Golden Gate Park to the ocean and back. This is actually the first time I’ve run the “back” part of it – I’m making baby steps to get over my aversion to hills. W had some knee trouble partway through so we walked a quarter mile or so, but it quickly went away.

I got a chance to try out some of my stocking stuffers on this run as well: Nuun tablets and Wright Socks. The Nuun tablets, which dissolve in water to make a light-tasting sports drink, were not bad. I prefer the salty taste of Gatorade, but I think I could drink more Nuun since it’s not so sugary. The Wright Socks were awesome. My past experience has shown that it’s generally the 12+ mile runs that give me blisters, so I’ll reserve final judgement, but thus far I LOVE these socks. They’re the right amount of squishy and I am blister free.

Oh, I also finally tried the Christmas Gu – the gingerbread vanilla one. As a Gu-hater I was not expecting to like it, but damn…yes I did. It tasted like cookie dough. And the Vaselinelike texture was so much less offputting when it tastes and sort of feels like cookie dough. (Rather than the standard fruit flavored Gu. Strawberry banana vaseline? Ick.) Time to hunt down a box of these holiday flavors and order more.


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Congrats on choosing a marathon. I have been trying to figure out when and where to run my first one. Good luck and keep the motivation coming!

Comment by runtaterrun

YIPPEE I am running Eugene!! Those are some great stocking stuffers..

Welcome to 1,000+++ club, details tomorrow..

Comment by Tall Mom

Yay, thanks! I’m really excited about Eugene and 1,000 miles this year!

Comment by christinamariejohnson

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