Run, Cook, Eat!

Christmas Wrap-Up
December 26, 2009, 5:40 pm
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I’ve got a year-end running wrap up in the works, plus a possible cooking wrap up, but for now, here’s a quick Christmastime note!

Cooking: my favorite Small Town Girl generously came up from St. Louis to visit my cold-ridden self early this week. We baked several different kinds of cookies from Vegan Cookies Take Over Your Cookie Jar. This deserves a post or two on its own, complete with photography and recipe commentary. Needless to say, the cookies were all quite tasty, and the company was the best I’ve had in weeks!

Running: there’s not too much to do back home in the suburbs, so I’ve been spending quality time with the treadmill at my parent’s house. This week will be a 30+ mile week when all’s said and done. I’m not a huge fan of the treadmill – the speed’s all wonky on this particular one – but the endless Law & Order/CSI episodes make it bearable.

Gifting: I gave no food or running related gifts this year, aside from the aforementioned vegan cookies. But several generous people gave me some cookbooks and running swag! On the cookbook side of things, I received Simply Delicious – Vegetarian by Carla Bardi. It’s got really nice photos for all of the recipes, and I’m looking forward to trying a few recipes. I also received the Soup and Bread Cookbook, a collection of recipes from Soup and Bread at the Hideout. The letterpress cover is gorgeous, and there’s plenty of vegetarian recipes to keep me busy next week!

Time to hit the treadmill again this evening…I’m looking forward to trying out the brand-new Wright Socks I got in my stocking!