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Farm Fresh To You CSA Box / Farmer’s Market – Week of 7/3/09

This week’s CSA post is a bit late due to the holidays last weekend, so I figured I’d include what was in the box plus what’s been used / how we used it. I’m happy to make more progress on these veggies than past boxes, and I’m also thrilled the veggies are mostly not spoiled.

  • 2 apples – Not yet eaten, as we have way too many peaches and nectarines to go through. (Thanks Ferry Building Farmer’s Market and Trader Joe’s!)
  • 2 ears of white corn – Cooked on the stove per Mark Bittman’s instructions: put 1-2 inches of water + salt + corn into pot. Turn on burner. Corn is done after ~8 -10 minutes. Topped with lemon, butter, salt, and pepper. YUM.
  • 1.5 lbs of summer squash – This lovely mix of patty pans and yellow squash was sauteed with butter and lavender salt. The patty pans were bigger than I’d select myself, but I chopped them into sixths and they cooked just fine.
  • 1 pint blueberries – You can really taste the difference between these and supermarket berries. Eaten for snacks the day after they arrived.
  • 1 lb mixed sweet peppers – Farm Fresh really likes sending us lots of peppers, and I don’t know what else to do with them. About half of these have been eaten. I ate two for dinner last night, plain/raw, plus we chopped some up when they first arrived and served them raw with yogurt-garlic sauce. Next time they send me a gajillion peppers, I should do pepper onion sandwiches or something.
  • 1 tiny bunch basil – Very tasty, but so small! We usually use about 2x-3x that for a batch of basil. This was just enough to make a small bit of pesto to supplement the raw tomato sauce leftovers from a few days before.
  • 1 bunch Nantes carrots – Farm Fresh also likes sending us lots of carrots. Only sadly, these always go bad within a day or two of them arriving. We ate two or three carrots raw with the yogurt-garlic sauce the day they arrived, but when I revisited them 2 days later the remaining carrots were all soft and floppy. What to do? I generally don’t cook carrots, but I thought they were supposed to last longer than a day or two. (Or so says Mark Bittman.) I may put in a request for no more carrots. Which is a shame, because the two I ate were great.
  • 1 lb red onions – Eaten in green salads, used for black bean burger ingredient & topping.
  • 1 lb Russian banana potatoes – Still uneaten. They’re potatoes, they’ll keep a bit longer.

We made a Saturday trip to the Farmer’s Market as well. Here’s what we got:

  • 2 avocados – One eaten w/chilaquiles.
  • 1 gigantic red onion, about the size of my head – Grilled and served w/homemade black bean burgers at the barbeque.
  • 2 huge bulbs of garlic – Grilled w/oil in tinfoil, and spread on Acme herb slab bread (also grilled.)
  • 1 Acme herb slab bread
  • 7 tomatoes – Meh….it’s not tomato season yet, and these proved it. Served in a tomato salad with good fresh mozzarella from Cowgirl (made by Gioia) and balsamic vinagrette. (John made this. The vinagrette was really good.)
  • 3 peaches and 3 white peaches – These were amazing. We were going to grill them with balsamic and serve with with creamy goat cheese, but we were stuffed already. Instead I’ve been gorging myself on 2 peaches or nectarines per day since we bought them. The folks at the stand (the one next to the artichoke/bean/brussels people) were SO NICE. This may have also been because we were there at the relatively quite 9 AM, rather than the standard chaotic 1 PM.
  • Lots of basil – Pesto. John’s forte. Mmmm.
  • 4 ears of corn – bought from Capay, not a regular vendor. Two grilled, two steamed.
  • Creamy goat cheese from Cowgirl – still in the fridge. I keep sneaking bites of it with crackers.
  • Strawberry cherry jam from Happy Girl Farms – I actually jumped up and down when I saw they had this again. My favorite combo.

Overall, I’m proud we managed to actually use a good portion of the produce we bought. I’m feeling really strapped for cash lately, so I’m trying to be much better about actually using the ~$40 worth of food we buy at the farmer’s market every other week and the $23 worth of produce that Farm Fresh sends us every other week.

Up next…posts still on the way: cauliflower two ways, homemade black bean burgers, chilaquiles, and raw tomato sauce pasta from MattBites.


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