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Mujadarah with Spiced Pita Crisps
June 13, 2009, 4:42 pm
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While cleaning up the kitchen, I found a huge bag of onions. Which thankfully led me to make mujadarah for dinner.

Mujadarah is a simple but wonderful Lebanese rice dish with lots of caramelized onions & red lentils. I discovered mujadarah through some sort of vegetarian cooking website (vegweb?) a long time ago, and made a horrible-tasting batch of it during college.

Since then, I’ve made this a few times using various vegetarian cookbooks I own, with much better results. I always forget which recipe turns out and which doesn’t, so this time I went with the Veganomicon recipe. (I love this cookbook, but everything takes so long to make!)

In line with my past experience with the Veganomicon recipe, the onions – cooked in the oven with lots of oil – took nearly twice as long to caramelize than what the recipe claimed. (I vaguely remember this from last time.) Perhaps I just want mine SUPER brown.

Aside from that, the recipe went off without any problems. The low amount of water in the pot while adding the lentils to the rice made me nervous, but it turned out just fine without adding any extra water.

The pita crisps, however, could have turned out better. I prefer mujadarah with crispy pita crumbled on it, otherwise the texture just gets too mushy for me. We were hungry, so I didn’t let them toast and cool long enough to get really crispy, so the crumbling-on-top part didn’t work. The recipe was fine, although the amount of spice mix created by the recipe was wayyy too much for a few pitas. I have a little bowl of it left over with nowhere to put it.

Verdict: make again! Just use less spice for the pitas, and let them bake long enough to crisp up.


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