Run, Cook, Eat!

Farmer’s Market – 6/14/09

We had a beautiful sunny day today for the farmer’s market, and I’m SO happy to be back after being out-of-SF for so many weeks. I came back to find that according to CUESA, we’re at the tail end of artichoke season, and asparagus is entirely gone from the market. Apricots seem to be halfway through their season, and strawberries are nearly half the price they were before I began traveling.

This week’s haul was supposed to be tempered by 1) my lack of cash and 2) our CSA box arriving on Tuesday (if they manage to not f-up again), but we spent more than planned.

The goods:

  • Acme herb slab bread – the best bread in the universe. Really, nothing tops this.
  • Acme wheat seed loaf – my vehicle for pre-running peanut butter toast.
  • Five avocados – for a salad or two for me, and for snacks for J, who has the metabolism of a bird.
  • One bottle of Bariani balsamic vinegar – in preparation of Stern Grove and the many salads/tomatoes in our future.
  • Half dozen of Judy’s organic brown eggs – beautiful eggs with wonderful orange yolks. Two of these will be going in brownies later today.
  • Andante farms goat cheese – J has designs for this+roasted cacao nibs
  • One pint of seascape strawberries – I ate most of these while waiting in line for Blue Bottle coffee.
  • Three smallish artichokes – not sure if they’re baby artichokes or not, or how I plan to cook them.
  • One bunch of French breakfast radishes.
  • Five endives – We didn’t need them, but I couldn’t resist. I love endive. It reminds me of delicate little baby birds you can hold in your hands.

Things we ate at the market:

  • New Orleans iced coffee from Blue Bottle – I’ve never tried this (normally I prefer drip coffee w/no sugar or cream), but I gave it a shot based on an article I read recommending it. It was VERY good, and it tastes like the iced coffee my mom and I make: low on sugar, high coffee taste with a medium amount of dairy. The barista said there’s chicory involved.
  • Frog Hollow pastries: ricotta, asparagus, and green garlic turnover, and a cherry turnover. I had my mind set on the cherry turnover, but the asparagus was way better than expected. Great flaky crust on both.
  • Samples: peaches and nectarines were sampled and in season, but I have an immense talent of smooshing any fruit I buy at the market beyond recognition before it gets home. So no buying. We have yet to solve this problem. Maybe a lined backpack would help transport them. Also sampled – apricots. This was the first non-dried apricot I had that I actually liked. I plan to buy some next week.

Next step – seeing how much of this (and the CSA box) we consume vs. throw away.


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